Reasons why Jesus Christ of Nazareth Teaches Us To Pray (Part 2)

The Important thing about prayer is that we really believe that Jehovah is listening. Do you believe that Jehovah hears your prayers?

What should we say in our prayers to Jehovah? Tell me: When you pray, what do you talk to God about?  Jehovah gives us so many Good things, and it is right to Thank him for the food we eat but have you ever thanked him for the blue sky, the green tree, and the pretty flowers? He Made those too.

Jesus Disciples once asked him to teach them how to pray. So the great teacher did, and he showed them what were the most important things to pray for. Do you know what these things are??  Get your Bible, and open it to Matthew chapter 6.

In verse 9 though 13, we find what many people call the Our father or the lord’s prayer. Let’s read i together.

Here we learn that jesus told us to pray out God’s name. He said to pray that God’s name be or treated as holy name. what is God’s name ???????? Yes, it is Jehovah, and Peace to the earth and make it a paradice.

Second, Jesus taught us to pray for God’s will to be done on earth just as it is done in heaven. Of we pray for this then we should make it in  paradice.

Thrid, the great teacher said to pray for God’s will to be done on earth just like it is done on heaven. If we pray for this then we should do what God wants.


Next, Jesus taught us to pray for food we need for the day. He Also said  that we should tell God we are sorry when we have done things that are wrong. And we should ask God to forgive us. But before he will do so, we must forgive others if they have done something wrong to us. Is that for you to do?

Finally, Jesus said we should pray that Jehovah God will protect us from the wicked one, Satan the Devil. So all of thses are good thing’s to pray to God about.

We should believe that Jehovah hears our prayers. Besides asking him to Help us, we should keep thanking him. He is happy when we mean what we say in prayer and when we ask him for the right things. And he will gives us these things. Do you believe that?

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